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Recharge with a sustainable weekend in the Hudson Valley

Home to a diverse group of artists, chefs, and outdoor lovers, the Hudson Valley – located about two hours north of New York City – provides the ideal backdrop for a quick weekend away. And unlike farther-flung destinations, a recharging trip here (even with a few indulgences) can come with a low carbon footprint. The Hudson Valley train line from Manhattan’s Grand Central is a great, sustainable option for non-drivers, though I had access to Volvo’s new XC40 electric car, making the trip upstate even easier. I simply jumped in, told Google “to take me to the Hudson Valley.” and voila, I was on my way. In addition to feeling like you’re doing something good for the planet (you are), charging stations are becoming more readily available – keep scrolling for more on where I charged in my destination, the town of Hudson – making driving electric a convenient way to plan a road trip sans gas. However you choose to travel to this pastoral paradise, here’s what to do once you arrive.

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