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Ronnybrook Farm Dairy

cows at Ronnybrook Farm

The treatment of our cows is as important as what they eat! We produce high quality super-premium dairy products, to include chocolate milk, Creamline yogurt, drinkable yogurt, European Style Butter, creme fraiche, sour cream, egg nog, buttermilk and ice cream.

Our products can be purchased at Farmers Markets.

We welcome visitors to see how our cows are cared for and to experience the green rolling pasture of the Hudson Valley. Visitors can tour the barn where ‘the ladies’ spend much of their time during the cold northeast winter months. Crossing the unpaved town road brings guests to watch as we bottle the milk, make butter or culture their artisan yogurts. Please call ahead to plan a tour.

310 Prospect Hill Road, Ancramdale, NY 12503

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