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The Ruins at Sassafras

Home of the former Shaker Second Family settlement. The Second family ran a successful seed business in the Brethen’s Workshop (now The Stone House) and constructed chairs, cloaks, quilts and bonnets in the Sister’s Workshop. When fire destroyed the Sister’s Workshop in 1923, construction of Shaker Chairs moved to a storage building. That building is believed to be the last standing Shake Chair Factory in America. When you visit, you can travel by foot or golf cart to see what is left of the settlement, the graveyard, and artifacts & enjoy a glimpse into Shaker daily life.

Museum is open and tours available on Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-Noon, April – December

There is handicapped parking and a golf cart tour for those with impaired mobility. Admission is free.

194 Darrow Rd, New Lebanon, NY 12125

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