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Virtual On-Lone Staged Reading: Broken Glass

Saturday, August 22, 7:30 pm

Arthur Miller’s BROKEN GLASS is a thought provoking exploration of failed relationships brought into focus by the events of November 1938 and the “Night of Broken Glass” in Nazi Germany. Today’s soldiers and their families have a direct connection between daily life and deployments close to home as well as thousands of miles away. Families and individuals with ties to these troubled communities & foreign lands scan the news daily, anxiously looking for information about their loved ones. So it was, especially for recent European immigrants, in the months leading up to World War II.

In BROKEN GLASS Sylvia Gellberg, shares this anxiety. She watches the increasingly violent events in Germany and Eastern Europe unfold through the summer and fall of 1938. The vivid pictures and lurid accounts in the newspapers of the day bring to life for Sylvia the traumas and horrors being experienced by those targeted by the fascist violence and fear mongering. Like today’s anxious citizens, Sylvia feels as if she is there. Her inability to influence events become manifest when she develops an inability to walk. But, her inability to walk is actually the tip of the iceberg. Sylvia’s husband Phillip Gellberg discusses Sylvia’s condition with the family physician Harry Hyman. We learn more as Harry discusses Sylvia and Phillip’s tangled problems with his wife Margaret, and as Sylvia confides in her sister Harriet. The drama takes an unexpected turn when Phillip is suddenly confronted with his own mortality and the shocking bigotry of his long-time employer, Mr. Case.

We have a front row seat as Harry desperately probes for the key to helping Sylvia walk again.
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Saturday, August 22
7:30 pm


Your Own Home


The Two of Us Productions/RARE, Inc

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